Whatever project you are considering, accuracy in planning is the key. Quality survey drawings/engineering geological data will lessen the possibility of you making costly mistakes at a later stage, as you will be less likely to come across unforeseen problems. You’ll want to work with an experienced specialist in whom you will have the complete confidence to deliver the highest standards in quality and on time.

At Geoekoproekt we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our professional staff will use the very latest technology to deliver your survey.

As a result, you will getan accurate analysis of the foundation,and correct positioning of the structure within your site, having taken into considerationall ofthe necessary related data.

Pricing and turnaround time. Ournew and advancedequipment allows us to dramatically increase the speed of execution of field work. We process data using up-to-date software which enhances performance, enablingus to minimize costs while improving the quality of work.

The possibility to provide draft documentationat any stage of exploration worksreduces the project design time.

We provide the following services:

Detailed Engineering Surveys


·         Geological Survey

- welldrilling

- CPT and SPT

- laboratory testing of soil

- test piles

·         Hydrogeological Survey

·         Deformation Studies

·         Cross Sectional survey for earthwork

·         Topographic mapping



Generation of engineering geologicalcross sections

Geoekoproekt produces raster images of the engineering geological cross sections. Cross-sections displaythe distributionof engineering geological elements and site-specificcharacteristics which give designers the information on engineering geological conditions of the site.