Geoekoproekt was founded in 2010 by a team of young, creative professionals whohave had prior experience working with leading domestic companies. As we apply a new and flexible approach tocustomer service,"The Customer Is Always Right" is our motto and the three dimensions of our competitive advantage are time, cost and quality.

Geoekoproekt specializes in providing engineering geological survey services. We use the most up-to-date surveying equipmentand cater to local and international clients inboth theprivate and public sectors. Over the years of it sexistence, Geoekoproekt has gained deep engineering geologicalexpertise. Wehave hired professional engineers, highly qualified geologists and CAD/CAM operators with a lot of relevant experience. Geoekoproekt has carried out numerous projects throughout Belarus and has experience working in Russia. Within just five years, our company has completed over 500 geological engineering Technical Reports for Construction Projects. The company wasincorporated in Belarus (Registration No. 191424243) withthe head officelocated in Minsk.


Geoekoproekt provides highly specific technical services in the field ofengineering geologysurveying andlaboratory investigations.

Our company is well equipped with up-to-date equipment and related facilitiesand is capable of conducting engineering geological surveys quicklywithin a short period of time.Our staff uses CAD & database software for field data processing.Once the Data Processing Department has received the raw field data, maps and geological cross-sections will be produced electronically and the final map output will be printed on large format ink-jet plotters.


With a head office in Minsk (Belarus), we currently have 18 employees. We are capable of undertaking small and large projects in all fields of engineering geologicalsurvey.


Over the years our clients have included government institutions, real estate developers, engineering consulting firms, architecture firms as well as private individuals.


 - To provide the most ACCURATE & RELIABLE services within the budget limits of our Clients in practically all fields of engineering geological survey;

- To produce data which shall form the basis for preparation of feasibility studies, detailed engineering designs and construction monitoring of infrastructure projects, while employing the most up-to-date survey equipment and techniques, highly skilled professionals and quality management system.




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